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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

SQLDependency Update

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I've updated my last post because it looks like my msdb was missing the SqlQueryNotificationService (I upgraded a SQL2000 installation - must have been that) and that's why I had to use the [http://etc] names.
Well this seems to work right up until SQL server tries to notify the caller of the change, at which point it generates an error saying that it could not find the service contract.
I presumed it needed the default (SqlQueryNotificationService) contract so I switched over to a fresh install of SQL2005 (making sure the SqlQueryNotificationService was there) and retraced my steps using SqlQueryNotificationService (e.g. GRANT SEND rights again) and it worked.

I have a feeling that the list of query restrictions will make SQLDependency almost unusable in the real world.