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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Withdrawal Symptoms

Getting things set up here in Seattle is helping to take my mind off it, but there's no avoiding the fact that I'm missing the best waves the North Coast of Ireland has seen for a decade. Match that with one of the worst snow seasons in recent years, here in the Pacific NorthWest and you've got a recipe for one depressed Seattle Surfer.

However I can't really complain, the transatlantic move has been going pretty well so far, Gina is moving from the nauseous/irritable phase of pregnancy into the hungry/randy phase and I've just bought a brand new digital camera.

That third blessing has nothing to do with the second by the way!

So, this week we got a house, bank account and social security numbers. Next week we need to get a vehicle, some furniture and a job for Gina.

As soon as that's done we're heading for the mountains!

One more thing, I bought an interesting little book at the Crossroads news stand this evening, it's called Microsoft in the Mirror and it's published by a small local (Redmond) publisher. Basically it's 18 first person accounts of life inside the Empire and I think the minimal editing/production is the books great strength.