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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Beard & Glasses Goes Native

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Reading: Contract First Service Development, Aaron Skonnard, MSDN Magazine.
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Last night I read an article from Dr. Richard Grimes. Anyone who developed ATL COM components in the UK when they were all the rage (don't know if the Wrox book was as popular in the US) will be intimately familiar with Richard. His pretty face shone out among other beards & glasses from the classic tome Beginning ATL COM and then took centre stage alone for Professional ATL COM, the hard-core follow up.

I've got to say I had a soft spot for ATL and was eagerly awaiting the ATL Server Side Support which was due to ship with VS 7.0 before that release became VS .NET. Anyway enough about the good old days, Richard is a classic beard & glasses man, Beginning ATL COM actually had an entry "Beard & Glasses" in the index under B! The page reference was "Front Cover".

Dr. Grimes has been writing a .NET article for DDJ for a few years but last month he went native and quit his column, launching a severe attack on Microsoft & .NET. To be honest I haven't been reading Richard for a while now, maybe he's slowly losing the plot, but you've got to have some respect for a man who's willing to speak out honestly and openly against the very technology that's been supporting him financially for the last few years.

Here's the article, do you agree or disagree?