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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

On The Wagon Again

I'm not sure if you're on the wagon when you're on a bender or when you're sober, but which ever one means starting over again after a period of failing to meet commitments and do what you said you would do, well that's the one I'm doing.

I just checked when my last post was and it was almost a month ago; it seems a lot longer because so much has been happening and so much is about to happen.

Anyway here's a brief run down of what I've been up to in the last month:

Went to Oregon to surf
Went to Swedish Hostpital to see birthing suites
Went to Prenatal Partner Yoga to chill out about birthing suites I'd seen
Went to Microsoft to work on .Net 2.0 Compatibility and to help pay for birthing suites
Went to cinema to see Lords Of Dogtown to try and forget about .Net and birthing suites
Went to Westport to surf and forget about everything.

As you can see it's getting close to the birth date so we're getting really excited. I'm surfing again and I can't understand why a little thing like a five hour round-trip drive kept me from it for this long, it just felt so good to be back in the water that I reckon I would walk to Westport if I had to. I'll hopefully be posting some more surf stuff soon.

Going to see David Kitt at the Crocodile tonight. We've seen the Kitster many times back home so it'll be good to support him in a far-away venue.