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Thursday, February 03, 2005

If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Now

That's what those tacky road signs say in a futile bid to convince highway travellers that this particular hell hole of a town would be a great place to live for no other reason than its geographical location at that particular moment in time. In its defence the sign does usually cheer up a weary motorist with the heartening thought that they do not live here and that however many miles they have to go, it's more than worth it to get that many miles away from such a god forsaken place.

I've just thought of another interpretation of this phrase, one which kind of describes how I'm feeling, almost four weeks after moving from Belfast to Seattle. While we are only just getting settled in Seattle, the reason we moved back here was because it felt so much like home when we were last here and it's starting to feel that way again. I have been in Boston this week with work and I spent the week extolling the virtues of Seattle to anyone who would listen. I have never done this about either the town I grew up in, or the city I lived in for the past four years. I fear I've been experiencing this thing called home sickness that I have often heard people describing but could never really understand. I know part of this malady was undoubtedly down to separation from Gina but that is a familiar twinge I feel constantly when we are apart and is quite different. Yep, there is no doubt, if we lived (permanently) in Seattle, I know I'd be home.

That's the heavy stuff out of the way.

Surf is nada in Portrush, not much better in Westport, but StormSurf have a very comprehensive surf report for WA & OR so I'll try and start some predictions from their data and I can track their success in this blog.

Snow is still melting in Seattle, but Whistler is looking good, I can't wait for next weekend.

Started work this week with a tiny (me + 1) R&D department of an EDRM software company. Should be lots of challenging integration issues with Microsoft emerging technologies to be prototyped, evaluated, measured, etc.

We saw Kings of Leon last week at Neumos, brilliant gig given Aha Shake Heartbreak hasn't even been released here yet. Got tickets for Modest Mouse in March at the Showbox and U2 at KeyArena in April. My cousins band, The Devlins are playing the Crocodile on 8 April.

I have to go to bed now, it's almost 3am.