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Friday, July 01, 2005

Independence Day

It's the Fourth of July holiday weekend here in the US and as the big day approaches, the likelihood of our firstborn arriving on this most American of days is ever increasing. It will have American citizenship either way but if it arrives on the fourth I might just have to call it Bud or Chad.

The Tour starts tomorrow and I've spent the last two weeks reading Lance Armstrong's first two books, It's Not About The Bike and Every Second Counts. The guy has done remarkable things on a bike and raised millions of dollars through his charitable foundation yet there seems to be very little affection for him among the general public (I mean personally, rather than supporting the LiveStrong campaign, which has deservedly won tremendous support).

Reading these autobiographies does not qualify me to comment on Lance Armstrong as a person other than to say that there was nothing at all in either of the books which made me feel any affinity or affection for him. I did feel admiration for his achievements and will be supporting him in his bid for a seventh Tour.