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Friday, April 08, 2005

The Devlins

Route 44: 6:46 Wallingford to Montlake Freeway Station
Route 242: 7:01 Montlake to Overlake

(In case anyone isn't keeping up with extreme commuting, the above information translates to "My first bus came slightly early which meant I caught an earlier connection with less waiting about").

Reading: .NET Framework Internals, MSDN Magazine.
Listening: Hot Fuss The Killers.

My cousins are in town tonight with their band, The Devlins. I think they've driven pretty much all of this tour, right across the US, finishing up in Vancouver tomorrow night. They're playing The Crocodile Cafe here in Seattle tonight. I've done my bit to promote the gig; Kris & Angela are going along with Kris' brother & sister-in-law who are visiting.