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Monday, April 11, 2005

The Pinnacle

Route 44: 6:46 Wallingford to Montlake Freeway Station
Route 242: 7:15 Montlake to Overlake

(XC translation - "first bus came early and was going well until it became disconnected from the wire that drives it, lost time while the driver reconnected which meant I missed the early connection").

Reading: Customizing GINA, Keith Brown, MSDN - Especially relevant to me with nuggets like Debugging GINA, GINA Under the Hood and Turning GINA Off.

Listening: Ruby Vileos This is the Day.

I'm going to a climbing class this evening at the REI indoor climbing wall, "The Pinnacle". Climbing seems to be a pretty intense activity which is very popular here in the NorthWest. It looks like there may also be a cultural tie-in, I suppose a bit like surfing, but I'm not interested in getting that heavily involved, it's more to try something I've always fancied doing. Besides, I think you can do many sports but you can only have one way of life.

Hottest local news this week (well actually last week) is that the map wars are heating up.

Currently I use Google to blog, to share photos and of course to search. I'll probably start using them for maps. If they continue to innovate and invest I suppose they could become to online applications what Microsoft are to desktop apps? Wouldn't that be nice.